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Equipment name

Capacitive autoclave with agitator



Technical specifications

  • Vertical container with a removable top bottom on a flanged connection with a jacket for heating and cooling, with a mixing device and “support posts” for installation on the foundation.
  • Material of execution of the main part: 12X18H10T,
  • Working medium: aqueous pulp suspension with residual content of encapsulated acids
  • Case pressure: 4.5 atm
  • The pressure in the jacket is 5atm.
  • Total volume: 20 m3
  • Characteristics of the mixing device:
    • agitator type vertical paddle
    • Motor protection class IP54
    • Rolling frequency 35-45 rpm
  • Dimensions, mm 5200x3000x3000
  • Empty vessel weight: 19000 kg


A batch tank autoclave with a stirrer, cooling jacket, steam nozzles for hot steam supply, flushing heads and water siphoning (hereinafter referred to as the equipment) is designed for receiving a suspension of fibrous material (material with a humidity of less than 30 % is explosive and fire-prone) and its preliminary multi-stage stabilization in different modes.