Business Hours

Mo-Fr: 9:00-18:00

Equipment name

Container for a mixture of acids. Volume of 1 m3



Technical specifications

  • Vertical tank with conical bottoms
  • Material of execution: 12X18H10T,
  • Working medium: – dilute nitric acid,
  • – dilute sulfuric acid,
  • – a mixture of acids with an admixture of water or fibrous material ,
  • Pressure: for filling 0.07 Mpa
  • Total volume : 1 m3
  • Dimensions, mm 2181x1000x1000
  • Empty vessel weight: 456 kg


The tank is designed for collecting acid mixtures in the technological process and further transportation. Acid mixtures in the tank are drained by gravity through the pipeline. Then they are fed from the tank to the pump.