Business Hours

Mo-Fr: 9:00-18:00

Equipment name

Container for slightly acidic nitric acid



Technical specifications

  • Vertical tank with flat bottom and conical lid
  • Material of execution of the main part: 12X18H10T
  • Working environment:weak nitric acid
  • Pressure: under filling 0.07
  • Total volume : 1 m3
  • Dimensions, mm 1614x1000x1000
  • Empty container weight: 430 kg


The tank is designed for receiving and pumping weak nitric acid up to 50% formed during the adsorption process at the stage of nitric acid denitration to the adsorber or acid warehouse. Acid is supplied to the tank by gravity via a pipeline from the adsorber. Acid raw materials are received in the container. The capacity acts as a buffer. During the production process, acid is pumped out of the tank by a pump to an external acid warehouse or adsorber. The tank is constantly replenished with a solution of nitric acid.