Business Hours

Mo-Fr: 9:00-18:00

Equipment Name

General Batch Mixer




  • Vertical tank with agitators
  • Execution material: 12X18H10T,
  • Working environment: — chemically processed cellulose (fibers)
  • water
  • Case pressure : atmospheric
  • Characteristics of the mixing device:
    • agitator type screw
    • Motor protection class IP54
    • Rotation frequency 750 rpm
    • Stirrer diameter 50 0mm
  • Total volume: 400 m³
  • Dimensions, mm 8012х8010х8010
  • Weight of empty vessel: 36675 kg


Mixer of general batches – a vertical cylindrical batch apparatus with four agitators, steam nozzles for supplying live steam, flushing heads and water siphoning (hereinafter referred to as the Equipment) is designed to receive a suspension of fibrous material (material with a moisture content of less than 30% is explosive and fire hazardous) and its homogenization and bringing (if necessary) to the desired viscosity and degree of polymerization. Depending on the brand of fibrous material, the stabilization process is carried out both in alkaline and neutral media with and without heating.