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Equipment Name

Mixer with stirrer for the preparation of a working acid mixture with a volume of at least 63 m³




  • Execution material: 12X18H10T
  • Working medium: a mixture of sulfuric acid, nitric acid and water in various proportions,
  • Total volume: 63 m³
  • Characteristics of the mixing device:
    • stirrer type vertical paddle;
    • Motor protection class IP54
    • Speed ​​20 rpm
    • Power 7.5 kW,
  • Dimensions, mm 7818х3812х3812
  • Weight of an empty vessel: 7697 kg


The mixer is designed for mixing nitric acid and sulfuric acid with a waste mixture of these acids and water. To do this, the spent acid mixture, fresh concentrated nitric and sulfuric acid are sequentially loaded into one of the mixers by pumps and metering pumps.

The mixers are equipped with agitators and level and temperature sensors. After mixing, the finished acid mixture from the mixers is pumped entirely into the receiving tank or into the process as needed.