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about the project

Research and development of centrifugal machines for various technological purposes has been carried out by the initiators of the project since 1994.

In 2005, the concept of ISM technology for high-intensity mixing and grinding of materials was proposed. At the same time, the development of a theory of centrifugal grinding and mixing processes was completed, as well as a method for calculating the main components of high-intensity mixing and grinding machines.

Theoretical provisions were confirmed by a series of experimental studies on laboratory facilities.

In total, 4 laboratory mixing plants were developed and manufactured, in the design of which the created calculation method was used. From 2005 to 2009, 5 experimental and pilot-scale centrifugal high-intensity mixing machines were manufactured and are currently installed and operated by customers.

In addition to mixing, equipment built using ISM technology allows for high-intensity grinding of various materials. Grinding efficiency has been confirmed during testing of a batch mill prototype.

About company

ISM Technologies was founded in 2009 to implement the project.

Since 2014, he has been a participant in the project to create and ensure the functioning of the Skolkovo innovation center.

The company is the winner of the Startup Tour (Yaroslavl, 2014), the semi-finalist of the StartUp Village (Moscow), as well as the winner of the competition of innovative projects in the field of mechanical engineering “Technostart-2014 (Moscow, 2014) held by OAO United Machine-Building Plants and the Skolkovo Foundation.

ISM Technologies positions itself as a developer and manufacturer of high-intensity grinding equipment that allows the production of ultrafine powders with special and unique properties and high added value. And also as a company carrying out technological engineering of production for the production of ultrafine powders.

Currently, the enterprise is part of the KhimPromGroup Group of Companies.

Project product:

  • Technologies and equipment for mixing and dispersing
  • Centrifugal-blade mixers of periodic and continuous action (types of mixed materials: dry, cohesive, viscous and plastic, liquids and emulsions)
  • High-intensity centrifugal mills of periodic and continuous action (types of ground materials: ceramics (oxides), carbides, borides, nitrides, metals and their alloys, polymers)

Areas of use

The key users of high intensity mills and grinding technology are:

  1. Enterprises for the production of fine powders with special properties;
  2. Enterprises for the production of composite materials;
  3. Chemical industry;
  4. Manufacturers of building materials;
  5. Enrichment of ores;
  6. additive manufacturing

It is planned that high-intensity centrifugal mills will gradually displace and replace mills of other types in the segment of medium-capacity mills that do not provide the required performance with the ultradispersion of the final product. In the segment of high capacity mills, it is planned to gradually replace ball mills at small mining and processing plants and chemical enterprises.

Within the framework of the project, 28 pieces of equipment were sold, mainly for mixing, based on ISM technology. Among the Customers: JSC “Bor glass plant” in Bor, JSC “NPO Saturn” in Rybinsk, JSC “NPO Salyut” in Moscow.

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